Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Compact flame monitor F300K

Compact flame monitoring system F300K
  • According to IEC61508 1-7 certificated following SIL3
  • Self-learning function
  • Menu-guided operation with graphical display
  • 2 operation levels: Standard, Expert
  • Digital flame frequency evaluation in 7
  • option stainless steel
  • selectable areas 10 to 210Hz
  • 3 preselectable operation modes

Supply voltage:

24 V DC ± 20% ≤ 3,5 W

Flame and fault contact:

≤ 50 V DC, ≥ 6 V DC
≤ 0,5 A, ≥ 1,0 mA potential-free

Frequency range:

10 / ... / 110 ... 210 Hz
7 levels in the standard version

Safety time "Operation":

t ≤ 1 sek. (standard)
t ≤ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sek. (selectable)

Operating mode:

Continuous operation

Degree of protection:

IP 67

Ambient temperature:

- 30 ... + 75°C
< - 30 ... > +75°C with accessories


Total length 195 mm
Diameter 99 mm


0,6 kg

The compact flame monitor is a safety device and complies with the following standards among others:

  • DIN EN 298 for gas operation
  • DIN EN 230 for oil operation
  • IEC 6158, SIL3


  • IEC 61508 (European Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • 2009/142/EC (European Gas Appliances Directive)
  • Field of application:
    Combustion plants with and without selection tasks
    Single and combi-burners
    Power plants, heating plants, process combustion,


  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Dust
  • Biomass
  • Coal
  • Process gases


Band of spectral radiation in nm

Prefered area of use / fuel

F300K3 UV-1

260 bis 400 nm

Oil, gas

F300K3 UV-4

215 bis 360 nm

Oil, gas (special gases, such as
raffinery- and furnace gases

F300K3 IR-3

1000 bis 1700 nm

Oil, gas, wood, coal, for combustions
with strong flue gas, recirculation and waste gases with yellow colouring without
UV radiation respectively shield of UV radiation by steam or dust

English English

Technical datasheet

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German German

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F300K - Kurzanleitung  German

Technical datasheet

Flammenkoffer - Technische Daten  German


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Fragebogen zur Angebotserstellung Flammenüberwachung  German

French French


F300K - Vue d'ensemble du système  French

Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified)


F300K - 系统概览  Chinese (Simplified)

Czech Czech

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F300K - Krátký návod pro uživatele  Czech

Russian Russian

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Краткое руководство для пользователей - Компактное реле контроля горения F300K  Russian

Spanish Spanish


Radiación de Llama - Criterio de Selección del Detector de Llama  Spanish

Swedish Swedish

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F300K - Användarmanual  Swedish

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