Sensors and Systems for combustion technology


  • Detection of hydrogen
  • Range of measuring between 10 ppm and 1.000 ppm
  • Low power consumption
  • Typical areas of use: Leakage- and safety monitoring of fuel cells or electrolysis equipment
Technical Data
Sensor type: HydroSen
Measurement principle:Solid electrolyte gas sensor (mixed potential sensor)
Range of measuring:0 – 1.000 or 0 – 10.000 ppm H2 (max. 50 % UEG)
Sensor temperature:630°C
Sensor heat output:ca. 3,0 W 
Reaction time of sensor element:< 1 s
Sensor signal:0 – 700 mV
Temperature - are of use:up to a maximum of 450 °C (depends on housing)
Output electronics:0/4 – 20 mA and LAMTEC system bus
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