Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Lambda Probe LS1 - oxygen probe

  • Calibration with ambient air
  • Linear measurement signal
  • For applications up to 1400 °C
  • Fast reaction and response
  • Increasing measurement precision
    in the range of 0 ... 21 % O2
Technical Data
Measuring systemZirkonium-dioxide cell / current-probe
Measuring principleCurent probe (Current-mode)
Probe current = linear ƒ(O2-content)
Probe current for 21 Vol.% O2300 to 600 mA
Operating temperature of measuring cell (sensor)750 to 850 °C
Heating-up time

60 min. until stand-by at 21 % O2
120 min. until thermal balance

Setting time after measurement-value jumpt90 < 20 sec with standard measuring-gas-extractor, 450 mm long
Range of measuring0-21 Vol. % O2 calibration with air
Preciseness of measuring± 0,2 Vol. % O2 after calibration with
LT1 Lamda Transmitter
Protection typeIP42
Probe signal0 ... 400/600 mA
TUV suitability approved13. and 17.BlmSchV with Lambda Transmitter LT1
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