Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

New Products

  1. Ignition Systems GFI Ignition Systems GFI

    Ignition- and Pilot burners are necessary to secure ignition of main burners in the application of industry furnaces and combustion plants.

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    VISIOCONTROL is the solution for managing local combustion plants.

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  3. BurnerTronic BT300 BurnerTronic BT300

    The combustion management system BT300 is designed for the standard equipment of small monoblock burner.

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  4. Compact Flame Scanner F300K Compact Flame Scanner F300K

    The compact flame monitor combines the flame sensor and switching amplifier in a cylindrical casing with an axial light emission opening.

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  5. Flame Monitoring Device F130I Flame Monitoring Device F130I

    Universal usable Ionisation - Flame Scanner
    - Ionisation for Continuous Operation
    - UV Tube and LDR Sensor for Intermittent Operation

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  6. LT3-F for the failsafe Lamtec CO/O2 regulation (SIL2) LT3-F for the failsafe Lamtec CO/O2 regulation (SIL2)

    Failsafe Lambda Transmitter LT3-F SIL 2 rated combustion gas analyser that uses the KS1D combination probe to measure O2 and CO.

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