Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Lambda Transmitter LT1

O2-Analysator LT2
  • High-end O2 measuring
  • Fully automatic calibration with ambient air
  • Applicable up to 1400 °C
  • TUV approval for emission monitoring
  • Easy to use and low-maintenance


±0,2 Vol. % O2 after balancing on air value 21 % O2
(with Lambda-probe LS1)

Setting time:

<20 s on  90 % of final value (T90)
(with Lambda probe LS1 type 650 R 0001 and 450 mm MEV)

Failure impact
Deviation by temperature

1 % of measurement value / 10 K housing temperature Lambda probe LS1,
temperature compensation optional

Failure impact
Deviation by pressure

1,3 % of measurement value / 10 mbar pressure change / pressure compensation optional

Ambient temperature
- operation
- transport and storage



Supply voltage

230V AC and 115 V AC
+10% / -15%, 48Hz...62Hz
To be used in grounded network lines only!


0,01% over the whole range

Time for being ready with LS1

1...2 hours after "POWER ON"

The LT1 is an universal useable, microprocessor-based O2 analyser for direct measurement of O2 concentration of gases in hyperstoichiometric ranges  ( λ >1). In connection with the Lambda probe LS1 it can be used in:

  • Combustion exhaust gases
  • Industry exhaust gases
  • Oven atmospheres
  • Process gases


  • Linear probe signal (D/C [mA] with fixed physical zero-point
    No special test gases needed, automatic calibration with ambient air (21 Vol. % O2)
  • Preciseness of measurement better than 0,2 Vol. % O2 over the whole range of measuring 0 ... 21 Vol. % O2
  • No gas conditioning needed
  • No reference gas needed
  • Setting time <20 s on 90%-value (T90) with gas extraction device (GED) , 450 mm long
  • No influence of measuring  temperature on preciseness of measuring
  • No temperature control of ZrO2-measuring cell needed
  • Automatic adaptation of cell temperature on cell internal resistance (Compensation of aging)
  • Measuring gas temperature up to 800 °C with metal extraction or up to
    1.400 °C with ceramic extraction
  • Means no ignition source inside flue gas channel – TUV approval existing
  • Intermittent operated measuring gas pump with definition of optimal pump running time
  • Easy to handle
  • Low-maintenance

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing


Gas extraction device (GED) 

19“ panel installation housing

Remote display

Gas extraction heating

Mounting plates

Interface modules RS232 / RS422

Probe-installation-fitting (PIF)

Extensions for probe connection cable

Outside-isolation / Flange seal etc.

The Lambda Transmitter LT1 comes in various types according to it’s functionality and it’s areas of use. In cooperation with you, we can offer you a fitted solution according to your application and requirements. Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.