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Control Drive 30 Nm, Type 662R2112

Control Drive 30 Nm
  • Running time 60 seconds on 90°
  • Control voltage 230 VAC / 50 Hz, three-point-step
  • 2 Limit switches for limitation of operating displacements to 90° (factory-installed)
  • 2 additional switch for free setting
  • 1 Potentiometer NOVOTEC, 5 kΩ as position feedback
  • Electrical manual operation OPEN/CLOSE via
  • Protection type IP54

Note: Other types on request.

Type "662R2112" as "standard"

Output shaft [mm]

Ø12 x 30 mm, parallel key 4 x 4 x 14 mm

Voltage [v]

230 VAC / 50 Hz

Running Time 

60 s

Angle of rotation default




Protection type


Electrical manual operation

OPEN / CLOSE-controlling via internal push-buttons

Permitted ambient temperature


Driving butterfly valves in your combustion applications, LAMTEC offers motors for electronic fuel/air ratio controls, operating- and safety-approved, following the slogan „Combustion technology – a one-stop shop“.

Of course, our motors fulfill safety-related requirements according to the use of potentiometers and their form-fitted and free-from-float connection. 4 types of standard motors are available on stock at LAMTEC: 6Nm, 20Nm, 30mN und 40Nm, all at 60 seconds running time.

Additionally, we can offer motors up to 200 Nm with different equipment of limit switches and potentiometers as well as different running times.
Our motors are to be used exclusively for driving actuators in combustion applications with LAMTEC combustion- and fuel/air ratio management systems, Types ETAMATIC, FMS or VMS.


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We will help you to select the optimum control drive for your application.