Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

NEMS Display and Operating Terminal

NEMS Accessories: Display and operating terminal
  • For displaying incoming and outgoing fault and process status signals in chronological order
  • Timing accuracy of the time stamps: type. + 1 ms, max. + 5 ms
  • For configuring, operating and displaying the NEMS devices
  • To be connected via the NEMS LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS

Operating system:



Foil keyboard with 9 buttons


Color-LCD-display with background illumination


320x240 photo points


40TE x 3HE

Protection type:


Power consumption:

appr. 15W

BUS coupling:

PROFIBUS possible via additional module

The display- and operating terminal can be used for operating the New value/first value indicator system. The following functions are provided:

• Monitoring and displaying of system status
• Indication of latest system notifications (alerts) in chronological order
• Selection and acknowledgemenet of alerts
• Setting and re-setting of bridges and displaying of all set bridges
• Generation, displaying and printing of a history (events saved in chronological order)
• Extensive filter options for indicator history
• Status request for indicator-entry
• All functions available via Ethernet and internet browser
• Email for new alerts

Available types:

Panel installation AC230V

Panel installation DC5V

Panel installation DC24V

Panel installation DC110V

Installed in 19“, 3HE, rack DC5V

Installed in 19“, 6HE, inclusive printer, DC24V