Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Flame Monitoring System - Overview

  1. Compact Flame Scanner F300K

    The compact flame monitor combines the flame sensor and switching amplifier in a cylindrical casing with an axial light emission opening.

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  2. Compact Flame Scanner F200K

    The compact flame monitor integrates the components of flame sensor and switching amplifier in one cylindrically case, the light incidence aperture is positioned in line with the axis.

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  3. Compact Flame Scanner F200K Ex

    After establishing the compact flame monitor F200K successfully and it is proven that it is at its best with combustion of any kind (oil, gas, coal, etc), LAMTEC now offers this compact flame detector in explosive proof design for different issues.

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  4. Flame Monitoring Device F130I

    Universal usable Ionisation - Flame Scanner
    - Ionisation for Continuous Operation
    - UV Tube and LDR Sensor for Intermittent Operation

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  5. Flame Sensors FFS07, FFS08

    Flame Sensors for burner control unit ETAMATIC

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