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juin 2016

LAMTEC Newsletter Mai 2016

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The book 'GAS MEASURING TECHNOLOGY in Theory and Practice' from Prof. Gerhard Wiegleb was published in April 2016 by Springer Vieweg. This book covers a comprehensive range and complete work in the area of gas measuring technology. It consists of the most important basics of all applied measuring principles and technology so far.

40 Co-authors have contributed to this book with up-to-date application examples from gas analysis technology as well as industrial measuring and control technology, making the book a very useful tool for all developers, engineers, users, interested parties and through its interdisciplinary content, it is one of the most important reference book for students from the entire STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) range. For this work, LAMTEC contributed in the topic 'Combustion Optimisation'.
The book 'Gas Measuring Technology in Theory and Practice' is available at the bookstore. Further information can be found under

The Commerce Bank Corporate Run 2016 took place on 8 June 2016 in Leipzig. Team LAMTEC Leipzig consists of 8 participants from LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG. namely 

Johannes Filz (1169/ 1104),
Mark Scholze (1283/1210),
Wolfram Erdmann (1643/1546),
Christian Seidel (2036/1911),
Enrico Rendl (6191/5143),
Frank Gargulla (6975/5627),
Markus Popowski (7494/5912) and
Raphael Nickel (8150/6241)

who joined the other 13,500 runners on the 5 kilometres long run.

Due to the severe weather conditions in the afternoon, it was not clear if the event can take place in the evening. In a storm, it rained in Leipzig of about 20 litres per square meters within a short time. The corporate run took place as planned later that evening.

Johannes Filz stays ahead in the men's team with position 1104 in the individual ranking. In the group ranking, LAMTEC Leipzig turns out to be position 223. All participants have performed strongly as this is a huge event with more than 1000 companies.

The event was indeed a wonderful experience which offered fun, sports challenge as well as an opportunity for a sociable get together. LAMTEC participants are looking forward to next year's event.