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May 2015

LAMTEC at the ISH 2015 – a Great Success

ISH in Frankfurt takes place every two years and it is one of the most important exhibition for LAMTEC. It offers the best opportunity to present new products and innovation to the audience of interest. In the last two years, LAMTEC had done a lot in the area of product development so that this year, LAMTEC could be proud to present its almost exclusively newproducts.

Purge/Continuous Ventilation of a Boiler.

LAMTEC offers customers a function within the burner control unit to reduce the boiler temperature quickly on plant shutdown. The function is called "Purge/Continuous Ventilation" and is useful when rapid cooling of the boiler system is required for maintenance/inspection. The function is available in the FMS, VMS and all ETAMATIC burner management controllers. When purging is active the following channels are con-trolled: air (fan), flue gas, mechanical linkage and recir-culation function (if this is activated via terminal 6 in the case of FMS resp. terminal 54 in case of ETAMATIC). When the burner is turned off the purge function can be activated via a digital input module or fieldbus communication signal; all the drives and channels will be commanded to maximum position. Should the system detect an alarm condition on the burner then all the channels will not react to this signal.

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