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Lambda Transmitters LT3 with KS1D probe reduces energy

LAMTEC Technology reduces energy consumption in the French Cognac Production Industry.

LAMTEC plays a major role in reducing the energy consumption in the Cognac  Industry by installing LAMTEC LT3 sensor at the company Fradon. The LT3 sensor with KS1D probe was installed to the plant in October 2010. In February 2011, Mr.  Damien Fradon, the owner of the Fradon company reported that excellent results were produced after installation of the sensor.

The fuel consumption was reduced from 45kg/hl to 40kg/hl, which amounted to an  energy savings of 11% in that short period of time. According to the statistics  taken by Mr. Bernard Gally who was assigned by the National Interprofessional Bureau of Cognac to collect data, the average energy consumption needed by a cognac producer is 47kg propane/hl.

By installing LAMTEC sensor, it is clear that the company Fradon consumes a lot less energy than an average cognac producer. Furthermore, Mr. Fradon estimates a savings of approximately 2700 tons of propane gas if all plants in the cognac  industry would be equipped with LAMTEC sensors.

Through the new Lambda  Transmitter LT3 and the double probe KS1D, LAMTEC innovated a system for measurement of oxygen and non-burned residues from the exhaust gas. The  measuring system captivates with its high accuracy, simple mounting and handling. It is very compact, cost-efficient and thus also most suitable for smaller plants.