Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Airport Zürich: first CO-Control at Switzerland

The Flughafen-Immobilien-Gesellschaft (FIG) Zürich-Klothen had two new steam boilers fitted in order to supplement the existing ones, thus ensuring the airport's heating supply. They replace two boilers with smaller output.These are two Siller-Jamart double-flame tubular boilers with an output of 30 t steam/h at a pressure of 13 bar.

Each tube is equipped with an Teminox type TGL-90 burner. They are designed as combination burners for EL oil and natural gas (output per burner: 885 kg/h light oil or 1050 Nm3/h natural gas). 
The Teminox system achieves low emission figures with both types of fuel, without external flue-gas circulation. This is achieved through a reaction chamber fitted inside the boiler plus 3 air dampers for accurate combustion control. Since in this system each burner is additionally fitted with a revolution-speed regulator for the combustion air blower, each is also equipped with a compound management system in the 5-channel version. This permits accurate motor settings with 10-bit resolution per channel. Furthermore, electric energy is saved in the partial-load region as a result of the revolution-speed regulator's deployment.

The installation utilises the flexible setting options offered by the VMS. Operation without revolution speed control can be implemented for oil and gas, through two additional curve sets (4 in all). Thus, burner operation is also possible in the event of failure in the frequency converter or one of the associated peripheral elements. As is normal in modern installations of this size, O2-regulation is also available individually for each flame tube.

The O2 control system acts via the VMS 5 on the combustion air blower's speed of revolution. This ensures that the burner's optimum operating curves can always be maintained, regardless of weather and calorific value fluctuations.

This installation has been in operation since summer 1996. This was preceded by the first VMS installation in Lasko (Slovenia). In the meantime, another installation with the same configuration as FIG-Klothen, with four VMS 5 units, has become operational at GZM in Lyss. 

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PS. We would like to thank Saacke Co. Switzerland for making the pictures available.