Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Change-over from heavy fuel oil to a natural gas burner system

In Lima (Peru) the first boiler was switched over from heavy fuel oil to natural gas. The boiler is an obsolete “D”-type boiler from Babcock USA (50 t/h, 40 bar, 400°C), which was equipped with a heavy fuel oil burner originally.

The order for retrofitting includes the pre-calculation of the overheating behaviour at the fuel change, the exchange of the burner, the complete exchange of the control and integration of two units of natural gas pull-flaps (special request of the customer).

Burner: Saacke DDG 14-710
Control: LAMTEC FMS4
New Value- / First Value Indicator System: NEMS16 (2 units)
O2-Controller: LAMTEC LT2/LS2
Flame Monitoring: LAMTEC F200K (2 units)
Electronic Operating Terminal: beside the burner
Additional speciality: the data were transferred via Modbus to the control room