Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Energy Savings

LAMTEC technology can help you cut your fuel costs.
You can use this form to calculate your potential savings, both in currency and in tonnes of CO2, by entering your individual system values.
Once you have made all necessary entries, click on the "Calculate" button.
You will then be shown the results of the calculation in a new screen that opens. At the end of this screen you will find the two buttons "Change Data" and "Send e-mail".
The "Send e-mail" button sends an e-mail with your calculation to the address you entered at the top of the form. If you also activate the "Contact me" check box, a copy of your calculation will be forwarded to LAMTEC.
This allows us to examine your data and prepare our advisory team to help you with your specific requirements.
The "Change Data" button takes you back to the form. You can then modify your values and perform further calculations, allowing you to see instantly what effect the altered basic data has on your saving (for example if the gas price increases).
The "Reset" button resets the form to its original condition. You can then start again from the beginning.
Gain an overview of the savings potential locked away inside your systems.


Required data for calculation of the energy savingby using O2- or CO-Control

Contact me: Yes  
Contact Person:  
Burner type:  
Gas                          Light Oil
Flue gas temperature for stationary operation at:
  Low Load °C  
  Middle Load °C  
  Full Load °C  
O2-value without control: Low Load % O2  
  Middle Load % O2  
  Full Load % O2  
O2-value with O2-Control: Low Load % O2  
  Middle Load % O2  
  Full Load % O2  
O2-value at CO-threshold: Low Load % O2  
  Middle Load % O2  
  Full Load % O2  
Operating hours total:   hours/year  
Load allocation (estimated): Low Load %  
  Middle Load %  
  Full Load %  
Fuel consumption at: Low Load Nm3/h  
  Middle Load Nm3/h  
  Full Load Nm3/h  
Combustion air temperature: Summer °C  
  Winter °C  
Fuel costs:   EUR/Nm3  



**CO control only works with gas. If you wish to select oil as your fuel, please enter the values in exactly the same way for CO control and O2 control.


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