Sensors and Systems for combustion technology



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Unsere LAMTEC SOA arbeitet mit weiteren Partner vor Ort zusammen.


May, 2010


Nestle Shah Alam, Malaysia 3 sets of CO Control with Etamatic OEM

F&N Shah Alam, Malaysia
1 set of O2 Control with Etamatic OEM
Cargill MalaysiaCO/O2 Measurement with temperature and combustion efficiency
Petronas Methanol Labuan, MalaysiaCO/O2 Measurement (explosion proof class)
Mieco Malaysia 1 set FMS with mixing firing
Titan Chamicals Johor1 set flame scanner
Sembcorp Singapore 2 sets FMS


Additional information

LAMTEC SOA Company is the Southeast Asian arm of LAMTEC Gmbh & Co. KG, a leading German brand in burner control, sensor technology and flame monitoring systems.

We provide solutions for combustion plants including burner control, fuel/air ratio control, flame monitoring systems and measurement systems and sensors for oxygen and unburned gases (carbon monoxide, hydrogen). We also offer volume measurement equipments, custom made products and equipment configuration in the field of energy savings and combustion technology.

Our vision and mission is to create and sustain a dynamic and quality sales & after-sales service, and to improve the quality of combustion processes by providing innovative solutions to air pollution and save energy.

Our guaranteed product performance is valued by customer satisfaction and costs saved via fuel and electrical energy.