Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

LAMTEC Maghreb

LAMTEC Maghreb also serves our customers in French-speaking countries such as Algeria, Sénégal, Côte d'ivoire, Mauritania and La Reunion over Morocco.


Marokko - Tunesien, Algerien, Mauretanien, Sénégal
LAMTEC Maghreb
Mr. Mohamed Abdelhak; Mr. Patrick Ott
N° 263 Zone Industrielle

Tel.: +212 660458044
E-Mail: maghrebcs(at)


LAMTEC Maghreb was officially established in April 2015. LAMTEC Maghreb was created from the former sales partner "Maghreb Combustion & Solutions " With the Managing director Mr. Abdelhak and our longtime French LAMTEC branch employee Mr. Ott.