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March 2017

LAMTEC is involved in the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA)

LAMTEC joined the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) back in 2014 in order to become more actively involved in the combustion industry in the UK.

The CEA is an educational charity and was formed back in 1933. It’s aim is to promote development, understanding and best practice within the industry and to be actively involved with standards in the UK and Europe. T

he CEA is actively involved in developing training programmes and runs both the Boiler Operator Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) and the more recent I-GAS scheme which provides training for engineers involved with the design, commissioning and maintenance of combustion gas systems.

The CEA is also active in addressing contemporary issues such as climate change and renewable energy. Being a member of the CEA provides networking opportunities to help develop LAMTEC’s business in the UK.

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