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September 2015

LAMTEC innovation PAVE

PAVE equipment system –innovative burner technology with LAMTEC

The PAVE burner system marks a milestone in the history of gas burner technology, because it works according to an entirely new procedure. In this procedure, combus-tion in the boiler is supported by thermodynamic processes and the burner flame is cooled by pre-heated moist air. The key innovation is the integrated water vapour pump cycle. LAMTEC systems are used to control and regulate the burner.


  • Innovative and highly efficient combustion
  • Efficiency of up to 107%
  • Saving on running costs of approx. 15%
  • European know-how
  • Environmentally-friendly thanks to reduction in NOx and CO2

Download more informations:
MA-PAVE-DLT7015-15-aEN-001.pdf(840 Ki)