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August 2019

LAMTEC Newsletter August 2019

Extended Temperature Ranges for F200K Compact Fame Scanners – including Ex-versions:
The electronics and housing of F200K were optimised and certified for extended temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C.
However, due to technical restrictions, certain variants of the F200K have a reduced temperature operating range. A summary is shown in the next table.
Since 01/10/16 all standard F200K orders will be delivered with the new hardware version 2.0 or higher. Since mid-2018 the extended temperature range has also applied to Ex variants. In order to verify the temperature range for any F200K please check the serial plate for Ex variants where the temperature range is clearly stated. In addition, all F200K scanners with serial numbers 83103000 onward support the extended temperature range.

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Future Availability of ETAMATIC and FMS Products
As one of the leading suppliers of measurement and control technology for industrial combustion plants, LAMTEC is aware of the importance of product lifetime and the availability of spare parts for customers and plant operators.
For this reason, the long-term use of our products and systems has always been a development goal. This also includes making sure from the outset that our equipment can be produced in the long term. To this end, we use components that will be available on the market for years to come based on our experience to date. However, we are dependent on the product policy decisions of the manufacturers of electronic components, who may discontinue the production of electronic components at short notice. We have noticed in the past that these product discontinuations have increased in the industry. In order to protect our customers' investments, we have always reacted in such cases in the past either by stocking the discontinued components in appropriate quantities, or by carrying out re-developments on the existing equipment in order to replace the discontinued components. Both measures are very complex and cost-intensive, but necessary in terms of the long-term availability of the firing systems equipped with LAMTEC equipment.
With the introduction of the CMS as a successor to ETAMATIC and FMS, many customers are rightly asking about the continued availability of ETAMATIC, ETAMATIC OEM and FMS. Since the CMS differs greatly from ETAMATIC and FMS and a change is not possible without rewiring and circuit diagram changes, we will do our utmost to continue offering ETAMATIC and FMS as long as the customers wish.
Therefore we confirm that LAMTEC plans to keep the ETAMATIC, ETAMATIC OEM and FMS series in its product range until at least 2022. In case of a discontinuation, customers have the possibility to order a final frame. The actual date of discontinuation is when:

  • Essential components for the ETAMATIC or FMS are discontinued by the manufacturer
  • An amendment to the standard would force re-certification.
  • The demand for ETAMATIC or FMS is declining to such an extent that even at higher prices production of the components would no longer be economically feasible. 

Even after a discontinuation of ETAMATIC or FMS, LAMTEC will continue to offer support and spare parts for devices already on the market for a period of 10 years, provided, of course, that the corresponding components are available on the market as described above. After this time LAMTEC will continue to repair ETAMATIC and FMS and offer spare parts as long as parts are available on the market.
This is how we have handled it in the past. We are still able to repair most LAMTEC devices, which were already discontinued many years ago (ratio controllers VR2, VR4 or Lambda controllers LR1 and LR2), if the customer so wishes and can even supply complete used devices as spare parts for existing systems. This is despite the fact that essential electronic components of these devices have not been available on the market for many years.

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LAMTEC – A strong partner in the field of energy production by biomass

"Es liegt was in der Luft" ("There's something in the air"). With this article in the trade journal HLH für Lüftung I Klima I Heizung I Sanitär I Gebäudetechnik, LAMTEC and the Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik IBP jointly present innovative solutions and products around wood.
The thermal utilisation of biomass by biomass boilers represents a valuable alternative for the supply of households and businesses with heat, hot water and electricity. However, this energy production by biomass must not lead to an increase in climate-relevant and harmful emissions.
Just the right topic for LAMTEC - and reason enough to present a new control concept in the trade magazine HLH, which, not least thanks to the LAMTEC O2/COe sensor technology, enables a low-emission combustion process on biomass boilers.
In the technical paper "There is something in the air" in the issue 06-2019 of the HLH the new concept is presented, with emphasis on the control engineering operational improvement of biomass boilers by the application of our robust O2/COe probe KS1D.
In a second part further results will be presented in autumn, then with emphasis on influencing factors during the operation of biomass boilers as well as their permanent monitoring in practice.
All results result from the project "Combination System - Intelligent Combination System for the Control Optimization of Combustion and for the Avoidance of Misuse in Biomass Boilers", which was successfully completed in June 2018 together with the Fraunhofer IBP and the company HDG Bavaria GmbH. The project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy  with the funding number 03KB109.    


The complete article "Es liegt was in der Luft" (in german language) is available here (please have a look at Kombi-Sonde).

Information about the LAMTEC combination probe KS1D - zirconium dioxide probe can be found on our website under:
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