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August 2020

LAMTEC Newsletter August 2020

LAMTEC has resided in the same premises for 25 years and the current building has served the company well and allowed for its development and growth during that time. When the owner of the rented property changed, there was no further development opportunity in terms of space requirements and the long-term lease was not extended due to the need to renovate the building. Following an unsuccessful search for a suitable new premises, an offer of a building plot from the City of Walldorf was accepted and a new purpose-built building was designed and is currently in the latter stages of construction. LAMTEC plans to relocate to the new building at the end of the year.
LAMTEC will remain in Walldorf. The construction is being managed by an experienced commercial sector contractor. The new facility will include an office building and production and logistics areas. All areas have been designed with LAMTEC’s specialist product and testing processes in mind so as to improve efficiency allow for future growth.
In particular, the anticipated future customer training requirements have been taken into account. The new office will offer guests a new reception area as well as meeting rooms and an extended dedicated training area. Many of the new design features have been based on customer evaluation feedback. The offices will provide a better environment for the employees and will include more space for teamwork and general interaction. 
There will also be a dedicated hotline office to enable to us to maintain and enhance our current customer support activities. Space for further expansion has also been made available.
In the logistics area of the hall building, the focus is on an optimised material flow with correspondingly short walking distances. All departments have improved production conditions and completely new areas are being created, such as the Pilot Burner Production and a Technical Centre, which is available to the Development and Service Departments for tests and analyses.
For both employees and training participants there will be an outdoor canteen area for use in good weather. The buildings are environmentally constructed to KFW-70 efficiency standards and are heated only with the waste heat of our test facilities. The service water is also heated by the test facilities. In addition, a photovoltaic system is installed on the roof, which produces more electricity than required. The surplus is fed into the power grid.
Other features include: 
Full LED lighting technology.
Full service W-Lan cover.
Charging stations for E-bikes and E-cars are planned in the parking area.
With the new location the challenges of the future can be met.
We are looking forward to your visit
Our new address as of January 2021 is
LAMTEC Meß und Regeltechnik GmbH & Co.KG
Josef-Reiert-Straße 26
69190 Walldorf

... that LAMTEC celebrated its 25th anniversary on 1st July 2020?
The management in Walldorf was surprised by the staff with a small internal "celebration" with a big cake.


We will make up for the anniversary celebration with our customers and partners, which was cancelled due to the pandemic, in 2021.
…that the LAMTEC team had already introduced O2 regulation to the market years before LAMTEC was founded in 1982?
That means reliability, efficiency and the highest standards of functionality have been the hallmarks of our product range for almost 40 years.




Please visit our website, where you will find extensive information.

The F130I flame amplifier/relay is designed to provide flame detection using the ionization principle when connected to an ionization rod. Flame detection is approved for continuous operation applications and the F130I is suitable for use in SIL3 installations.
UV tube type optical flame sensors and photo-resistive sensors can also be interfaced to the F130I. When used with these sensors the F130I only provides approval for intermittent operation. The sensors themselves have their own certification. A list of compatible optical and photo-resistive sensors is published in the F130I operating instructions.
LINK to the F130I manual
The flame detector F130I/120VAC has now received UL Listed certification. A UL Listed certification is based on higher requirements than a UL Recognized certification and therefore always meets the requirements of the latter. Thus, the higher significance of UL Listed certification can increase the acceptance during the acceptance test of the installed system and thus simplify it considerably.
The flame detector F130I 120V in hardware version 1.2 and software version 1.4 will in future be marked with the UL approved logo "Image: Mark_MH48669_EN-FR-CA_90dgr.pdf", supplemented with the lettering "Burner Management System".

As part of the continuous improvement of LAMTEC products the wiring material for signal transmission and sensor heating for all LS2-K Lambda sensors and KS1D-K combi-sensors will be upgraded to Inconel wire from May 2020. This specification upgrade will increase the service life of the sensor when it is permanently operated at the upper end of the design temperature threshold.

LAMTEC’s success over the past 25 years can be attributed to the positive relationships we have built with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. By proactively engaging with customers and business partners we have been able to use feedback, both positive and negative, to improve and develop products and services to meet customer needs.
As part of our aim to continuously improve we would like to invite you to take part in this year’s customer satisfaction survey. This is a short survey and should take less than three minutes to complete.
You can access the survey HERE

As in previous years, all participants will be entered into a prize draw. The prize is an attractive Smartwatch, either from Apple or Samsung.
The closing date for entries is 30th September 2020.