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September 2021

LAMTEC Newsletter August 2021

New stainless steel housing to protect the system components inside the LT3 and LT3-F for applications in corrosive environments or where special hygienic materials are required.

In order to continuously cover new applications, LAMTEC has introduced a new stainless steel housing for the LT3 and LT3-F transmitters. The new housing can be ordered as an option instead of the steel housing, while the proven electronic components and connections remain unchanged.

Thanks to the stainless steel version in chrome-nickel alloy 1.4306, the housing is even better protected against corrosion than for example with conventional stainless steel made of 1.4307. This means that the LT3 and LT3-F can also be used in environments with high concentrations of water and salt in the air. Both optically and technically, the LT3 and LT3-F are therefore durable and ideally suited for applications such as in the tropics or even in the offshore sector.

The surface of the stainless steel housing permanently remains very smooth thanks to the chromium oxide layer, so that no breeding ground for germs is created. This layer is inert and also prevents the leakage of ions, which almost completely prevents the formation of nucleition. Areas of application for the LT3 and LT3-F in stainless steel housings can therefore also be found in the food industry, laboratories or medical facilities.

If you need further information or assistance with the new stainless steel housing for LT3 or LT3-F, please contact us at Vertrieb(at)

You can find the system overview LT3 and LT3-F here:

System overview LT3 with LS2 / KS1D

System overview LT3F

High Energy Igniter Basic HEI500 and High Energy Igniter High End HEI600
In the year 2020 LAMTEC celebrated its 25th anniversary and the launch of its new HEI500 electric high energy igniter and HEI600 high end version.
We are proud to introduce the new range of high energy igniters (HEI for short) for use in industrial applications, thermo-processing plants and boilers, for igniting gaseous and liquid fuels in burners of any capacity.
The HEI500 & HEI600 have high temperature resistant ignition tips. With temperatures of up to 1,000°C at the ignition tip and in when used with a retraction device, the high-energy igniters are suitable for use in a range of high temperature applications.
The new range of high energy igniters now complements the successful product portfolio of pilot burners, burner management systems, flue gas measurement and flame detectors.
This is a new milestone for LAMTEC's continuous effort to offer the best products to its customers.
We are at happy to provide a detailed presentation of our products both virtually or in person.
If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Milica Jovanova jovanova(at)

Since April 2021, our LAMTEC DPS actuators of the 668M2... series for CMS can now be operated in the "1NOVO" variant in conjunction with the previous burner controls ETAMATIC, ETAMATIC OEM, FMS, VMS as well as with the new burner control CMS. It is possible to deliver the actuators with a 90° NOVOTEC potentiometer, which allows the position feedback to the above mentioned controls. This variant of the actuators is included in the CMS type examination.
This variant of the actuators is also suitable as an actuator with safe feedback according to EN12067-2 in connection with other control systems, e.g. PLC.
This means that the TPS actuator type 662R2127 (6 Nm), 662R2111 (20 Nm) and 662R2121 (40 Nm) can be replaced. This reduces the cost of stocking.
However, with a built-in NOVOTEC potentiometer, no position indication as well as no additional position feedback (2nd potentiometer) are possible.

668M2...- Attribut A25 "Position feedback selection"

1x Potentiometer Typ CONTELEC

1x Potentiometer Typ NOVOTEC

Function in connection with CMS
Function in connection with ETAMATIC, ETAMATIC OEM, FMS, VMS-
Option additional position feedback (2. Potentiometer)-
Option position indicator-


... that LAMTEC will be represented at the ISK Sodex in Istanbul from 29.09. to 02.10.2021
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