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February 2020

LAMTEC Newsletter February

Modification of the Gas Extraction Device (GED) fixing for oxygen sensor LS2 and combination sensor KS1D

For technical reasons the attachment of the GED to our probes has been changed. Until now the GED was fixed to a threaded bolt with a nut M4. From January 2020 the threaded bolt has been removed and replaced by a fastening ring.

Required tool:     Allen key 2.5mm
Mounting:           Place GED on probe, slide ring over GED and fasten together with probe    ­
­    ­

Old operating design by December 2019

New operating design from January 2020

This means:
Dust-tight and protection against strong jets of water.

It is important to ensure correct installation/diameter of the cables at the cable gland.
For the probe connection box for LS2, the plug connectors of the probe must be securely engaged and for KS1D the DIN plug much be securely screwed.    ­
­    ­

Order no. LS2: 655R1025

Order no. for KS1D: 656R3025

The UI400 for our CMS system was originally delivered with only a 1m connection cable. Customer feedback highlighted that 1m is not sufficient for some applications. Since December 2019 the connection cable has been extended to 2.5m as standard.
When handling and routing the cable within a control panel please observe the following guidelines: 

  • The cable must not be installed in the immediate vicinity of power and high-frequency lines. Use separate trunking/containment dedicated for extra low voltage wiring.
  • If the connection cable is too long, simply cut the cable to the required length and fit new 0.252 wire end pin crimps. Observe the colour coding assignment.

To reduce EMC interference, keep the connecting cable as short as possible. Do not install unnecessary cable loops.

LAMTEC’s China subsidiary in Beijing was established on 20 March 2019. LAMTEC TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is a 100% subsidiary of LAMTEC China Ltd. Managing Directors are Rick Shi and Harald Weber.
After an excellent start last year, we look to the future with confidence and are pleased with the good cooperation.

The LAMTEC China team at a glance with Rick Shi (3rd from right below) and without Harald Weber.
Contact details:
A-7A09, Peking Times Square Ctr.103, Huizhongli, Chaoyang, Beijing 100101
Phone: +86 10 8487 1562
Fax: +86 10 8487-1297

LAMTEC exhibited its range of combustion control and measurement products at the above exhibition. There was keen interest from companies such as Office National de l'Électricìté and Danone, as well as companies in the phosphate, asphalt, sugar and ceramics industries. Trade visitors from neighboring countries such as Mauritania and Senegal also came for discussions.
The main area of interest was energy saving. LAMTEC offers a range of options, such as the LT3 analyser, to upgrade existing systems to employ oxygen trim, and for full conversions to modern electronic Burner Management Systems, such as ETAMATIC, CMS and BT300, which can be interfaced to the failsafe LT3-F analyser to implement CO Control.
LAMTEC Maghreb is very satisfied with the success of the show and the response of the trade visitors.   ­

... that this year only pictures of LAMTEC sales partners are published in our LAMTEC wall calendar?
...that LAMTEC has more than 25 sales partner locations worldwide?
We welcome new customers and new sales partners. Let us use the innovative LAMTEC technologies to make combustion more efficient. Let us make the sky clear and blue again by saving energy and reducing emissions.
Please visit our website, where you will find extensive information.