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February 2017

LAMTEC Newsletter January 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

The HMI display of burner control devices such as ETAMATIC and VMS / FMS is of particular importance when it comes to fault finding and troubleshooting. In a world of global competition, language diversity is a challenge for every  manufacturer. Currently, ETAMATIC and VMS / FMS can display up to 18 languages. In some cases graphics do not exist to enable some specific language characters to be displayed and so the user is dependent on what is available. The display of ETAMATIC and VMS / FMS is based on the ASCII character set and so some languages are restricted e.g. the display of Cyrillic characters is not possible.

The following is important for our customers to know! Some time back, LAMTEC already developed a customer interface to eliminate this difficulty. Also available is a HMI that can be installed in a field enclosure via the available installation frame. The costumer interface can display cyrillic charactors and the HMI is able to display Cyrillic as well as Chinese characters. In combination with the ETAMATIC OEM this “new” customer interface can replace the “standard” customer interface. When using the ETAMATIC or FMS the “new” interface can be used in addition to the integrated display. When using the available update, the system can display important operation information in the local “Russian / Chinese” language.

Please note!The HMI is able to display Cyrillic and Chinese characters. When used in combination with the ETAMATIC OEM, the HMI can be used to replace the “standard” customer interface.When used in combination with the ETAMATIC the HMI can be used in addition to the integrated display. The HMI can not be used be used with the FMS. 

1) Cyrillic
2) Cyrillic and Chinese
3) LSB Interface mandatory

Kundeninterface (Anzeige kyrillisch) und Handbedieneinheit (Anzeige chinesisch)

For technical information or any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Mr. Altendorf at altendorf(at) or by telephone +49 (0) 6227 605273.


We have designed the LT2 to be user-friendly to assist simple installation/de-installation using EMC-compliant customer made wiring. Here, the common locking nuts of the cable connection
shall be replaced with active EMC-locking nuts. The resulting advantages for you are:

  • Extensive 360° condition of the cable shield and therefore better interference reduction
  • Simple and quick installation / disassembly
  • No additional contacts to PE-rail necessary

Seit Januar 2017 produzieren wir die BT300 mit Release Um die Änderungen der BT300 zu unterstützen, erhalten auch das VSM100 ein Update auf die Version und das UI300 auf die Version

For more information refer to our Change Notification.

For many years, LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG has participated in the funding of students in the science and technical field. With the Deutschlandstipendium (German Scholarship) 2016, LAMTEC supports the education of future professionals enabling scholarship holders the chance to fully concentrate on their studies.

Handover of supporter certificates (LAMTEC Leipzig, Lars Bensch, 5th on the left)

New Editor of LAMTEC News: At the end of 2016, Raquel Oppermann took over the role of editor for LAMTEC News. Ms. Oppermann has been with the LAMTEC Administration team since 1999. Please send your feedback, questions and suggestions by email to her at: