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July 2015

LAMTEC Newsletter July 2015

Scholarship, an Ease to Many from University Anhalt

This year, LAMTEC is participating again in sponsoring the German Scholarships at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. The German Scholarships are there to support talented and engaged young people to manage their studies during difficult times. Many companies are taking the opportunity to connect to these future skilled professionals at an early stage. Thanks to this institu-tion, 46 students who received 300 Euros per month (from the Federal Government and Sponsors) can manage their studies at ease for the next two semesters.Detailed article can be found in the internet under (only in german):

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung vom 06.05.2105 "Entspannt büffeln Dank Stipendium"

WZA der Hochschule Anhalt vom 06.05.2015 "48 Studierende der Hochschule Anhalt erhielten am 6. Mai ihr Deutschlandstipendium im Schloss Köthen"

Company Run – Great Achievement.

Team LAMTEC Leipzig left to right: Enrico Rendl, Mark Scholze, Wolfram Erdmann, Raphael Nickel und Johannes Filz.

More information (only in german): Commerzbank Firmenlauf vom 26.06.2015 "Vom Firmenläufer zum Halbmarathoni"

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