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March 2021

LAMTEC Newsletter March

Visiocontrol 4.0: The new platform to visualise data from CMS, BT300, LT1 and NT. To support service and support, for analysis and optimisation.

Among other things, this system can send alarm messages and trigger events. Because it can be accessed at any time, analysis can be carried out remotely. This reduces the number of emergency trips. This saves resources, costs and protects the environment.
Speaking of which: through continuous condition monitoring, preventive maintenance measures can be planned and efficiency improved.
Visualisation of burners and applications can be grouped by customer and/or region.
Cross-site data analysis is also possible.
This, and a few more options, contributes to safety. The end customer feels optimally looked after and is thus more committed.
If you are interested in the visualisation of your plant, please contact us at Vertrieb(at)

You can find the system overview for Visiocontrol 4.0 here.


New LAMTEC production facility with adjoining office building completed within a year

LAMTEC celebrates the completion of its new production facility and office building. After only 12 months of construction, the project carried out by GOLDBECK, is now moving from the construction phase to the operational phase. LAMTEC was able to put the new premises into operation in January 2021. The new LAMTEC HQ offers modern working and production conditions as well as meeting the latest standards in terms of sustainability.
LAMTEC has been developing and producing sensors and systems for combustion technology in Walldorf for 30 years. As the location at Wiesenstraße 6 no longer offered the growing company any development opportunities, LAMTEC decided to build a new building. In November 2019, the go-ahead was given for the construction project at Josef-Reiert-Strasse 26. In the meantime, general contractor GOLDBECK has completed a 1,905-square-metre production hall and an approximately 1,700-square-metre adjoining office building for LAMTEC on the site.
As a globally active company with headquarters in Walldorf, it is important for us to constantly optimise work processes in order to be able to react more flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. For this reason, the focus in the production and logistics area of the new hall building was on an optimised material flow with short walking distances and improved production conditions, individually tailored to our company processes. With the Technical Centre, a new laboratory area has also been created, which offers us completely new opportunities in research and development.
A large foyer has been created in the new office building, as well as meeting and training rooms, so that LAMTEC can further expand its range of training courses. Flexible office space with individual, combined and open-plan offices also create modern working conditions for approximately 100 employees working at the main site. During breaks, employees and guests have access to a new canteen and a large outdoor area, which is to be landscaped in the spring.
But the new LAMTEC site is already green: GOLDBECK has constructed all parts of the building as KFW-70 efficiency building, explains Dominik Stumpf, head of the GOLDBECK Hirschberg branch: "Although the building shines in classic anthracite, we can speak here of an absolutely green construction. In future, the entire site and the service water will be heated with the waste heat from the production facilities. We have also installed a photovoltaic system on the roof, which is expected to produce more electricity than is needed. The surplus will be fed into the public power grid, so that LAMTEC is not only largely self-sufficient in energy, but also supports local energy production." Charging stations for e-bikes and e-cars are also planned for the car park.
"With the new location and our highly qualified and motivated LAMTEC team, we can actively tackle the challenges of the future. Our new location creates the basis for the further and sustainable growth of our company and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our customers and guests here in the future," - LAMTEC Management.

Information on the international procurement market situation for electronic components

The trusting, long-term partnership with our customers as well as with our suppliers is a central cornerstone for us to master even greater challenges together. In order to be able to supply you with our products safely and on time even in these difficult times, while maintaining our high-quality standards, we would like to share the following information with you.
We are increasingly receiving worrying news from our suppliers about availability, delivery times and rising prices for electronic components.
The reasons for this are mainly due to:

  • Impact of the Covid19 pandemic
  • Significantly increased demand from the mobile phone, AI, consumer electronics, (e)-mobility sectors combined with reduced production capacities at some electronics manufacturers
  • Shortage of freight forwarding capacities by land, sea and air

We expect a shortage of electronic components. This will also have an impact on the price and availability of LAMTEC pre-products.
As your responsible and reliable partner, for some time we have already been taking measures to counteract this development. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you at this point to support us in ensuring a timely, secure and price-stable supply for you and your company.
A very big help for us is:

  • Blanket orders to secure demand
  • Cyclical monthly forecast for the next 12 -16 months
  • Placement of orders and call-offs from blanket orders as early as possible
  • Time-limited build-up of additional safety stock in your warehouse
  • Early discussions about follow-up frameworks, especially for customised products

We thank you very much for your willingness to cooperate and look forward to our further successful collaboration.