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March 2017

LAMTEC Newsletter March 2017

LAMTEC joined the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA) back in 2014 in order to become more actively involved in the combustion industry in the UK. The CEA is an educational charity and was formed back in 1933. Its aim is to promote development, understanding and best practice within the industry and to be actively involved with standards in the UK and Europe.

The CEA is actively involved in developing training programmes and runs both the Boiler Operator Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) and the more recent I-GAS scheme which provides training for engineers involved with the design, commissioning and maintenance of combustion gas systems.

The CEA is also active in addressing contemporary issues such as climate change and renewable energy.

Being a member of the CEA provides networking opportunities to help develop LAMTEC’s business in the UK.


A truly important component of the LAMTEC philosophy is the close, partnership-based cooperation with our customers, and business partners. Your opinion is important to us, by providing us with your feedback regarding our performance, we can bring the Continuous Improvement Process idea to life; hoping to better meet your requirements and wishes in the future. Please continue to participate regularly in our online customer satisfaction survey. Use the following link ➞ to the survey

Again in 2017 we will raffle off an iPad among all survey participants.
Deadline for participation in the survey is Friday, May 12, 2017.

The lucky iPad winner of the 2016 survey is Mr. Kari Perälä of Valmet Technologies Oy.

Mr. Perälä has been working at Valmet for almost 30 years. During this time in his career, he has had the opportunity to use a wide variety of different types of burners, including pulverized coal, oil, and gas burners. At Valmet, he began working as an engineer and gained extensive experience in the planning of combustion plants. Today, he is a senior development engineer leading a group of engineers. Valmet produces between 30-50 burners for black liquor boilers and fluidized bed combustion systems per year. Since Valmet has been using more of LAMTEC’s flame safety systems in some of their projects, Mr. Perälä is increasingly in contact with LAMTEC technologies. He is sure that this is only the beginning of a very close cooperation with LAMTEC, because our quality is convincing.

We are of course, very pleased about this positive response, and will continue to do everything we can to provide current, and future customers, with quality products and service.

Kari Perälä, Valmet Technologies Oy and Hans-Jürgen Altendorf, LAMTEC