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March 2020

LAMTEC Newsletter March

Despite the current critical situation caused by the worldwide spread of Covid-19, LAMTEC continues to be there for you. At the moment we are still able to process orders with the usual delivery times and, together with our partners in worldwide service, are at your disposal. Nevertheless, the current situation also forces our company to take special measures.
Our support as well as telephone consultations are still available and the supply of spare parts is also guaranteed as usual. Further developments decisively depend on the ability of our suppliers to deliver and on transport reliability.
On-site assignments
We carry out on-site assignments for important start-ups and in case of critical states of systems which cannot be solved by our partners on-site or in remote support. We carry out these assignments as far as possible, after thorough review and in accordance with the legal regulations.

Field-service activities
In order to protect our employees, we have already suspended our field services in sales and purchasing until further notice. However, our employees can still be reached by phone or e-mail under their known contact details.

External visitors
Access of external visitors to the building was reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum. Necessary meetings with external partners are held via telephone or video conference.

Delivery situation
Our purchasing department is in regular contact with our suppliers.
We are constantly monitoring the situation and will inform you immediately and concretely about existing orders if delays occur which we are not able to avert. Please rest assured that we make the greatest possible efforts to ensure our ability to deliver.
A detailed statement from our management, which will be continuously updated, can be downloaded here.

LAMTEC pilot burners, with output ranges of between 70kW and 6,000kW, are used in industrial furnaces, thermal processing plants and boilers for gas, oil and solid fuels.
Pilot burner models GFI48 and GFI70 were previously available for applications with insertion depths of up to 6m. This limitation has now been extended to 15m.
The outer tube, the gas tube as well as the electrode rods are modular and delivered in prefabricated segments, disassembled in 3m lengths.
The total length of the pilot burner tube is always rounded up to half a metre. If, for example, you require an insertion depth of 6.2m, we manufacture the outer tube to a length of 6.5m.
For the first metre of insertion, 15 mbar of air pressure is required. For each additional metre an additional 6 mbar is required due to pressure loss. The gas pressure, on the other hand, remains unchanged at 200 mbar for maximum thermal performance, even at an immersion depth of 15 m.
In addition to more cost-effective transport options, the now modular version offers the advantage of simplified maintenance and commissioning. When replacing one of the consumable parts, such as the electrode holder, only the front pipe segment needs to be removed instead of the entire outer pipe.
The overlength pilot burners are available in versions for Ex zone II as well as for safe area with and without electronics.

LAMTEC’s success over the past 25 years can be attributed to the positive relationships we have built with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. By proactively engaging with customers and business partners we have been able to use feedback, both positive and negative, to improve and develop products and services to meet customer needs.
As part of our aim to continuously improve we would like to invite you to take part in this year’s customer satisfaction survey. This is a short survey and should take less than three minutes to complete.
You can access the survey

As in previous years, all participants will be entered into a prize draw.
The closing date for entries is 30th June 2020.

The BurnerControl BC300 is an automatic burner control unit (Flame Safeguard) for industrial burners in process plants. It controls and monitors burners of unlimited capacity in intermittent as well as in continuous operation. Load control is carried out in 1-stage, 2-stage or cyclic operation. The flame can be monitored either with ionization, UV tube or F152 with FFS07 or FFS08. With the UI300 graphic user interface, the status of the burner can be visualised at distance and in poor lighting conditions. The graphic-based UI300 HMI is intuitive and makes the interface language-neutral and easy to understand.
The BC300, our burner control unit for furnace applications, is now also available in a wall-mounted housing.

dimensions: H 300 x W 200 x D 150 mm
Protection class IP54
Options include:

  • Ignition transformer for one or two electrode operation
  • ProfiNet Fieldbus interface
  • IP65 protection


            1-stage with pilot burner                                 Without pilot burner 
                                                                              1-stage or 2-stage

… if you need technical support during on site commissioning or servicing you can contact our Support Hotline on telephone number +49 6227 605233?
… for sales support and quotations for LAMTEC equipment and services you can call our sales department team directly on telephone number +49 6227 605288?
... when using CMS for combustion applications, additional non-fail-safe control tasks can be addressed using the integrated CODESYS PLC? Our TEC Center provides support for such tasks.