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June 2017

LAMTEC Newsletter May 2017

At 66 years young, and with 40 years of industry experience in the combustion industry, as well as 20 plus successful years at LAMTEC, company cofounder and Managing Director Harald Weber has decided to retire from the daily business operation. His successor in LAMTEC's management will be Ralf Lakatos, who was appointed Managing Director on January 1, 2017.
In addition to Hans-Jürgen Altendorf and Olaf Winne, Ralf Lakatos will hold the position of Managing Director at the LAMTEC Walldorf location. Ralf Lakatos can look back at 21 years of experience with LAMTEC, and is familiar with all technical and sales tasks. In his previous assignment, Ralf Lakatos filled the position of sales manager for LAMTEC.
All the shareholders as well as the employees of LAMTEC GmbH and Co. KG have full confidence in the expertise of the new addition to the management team, and wish him every success.
The management team of LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG will be comprised by
Dr.-Ing. Olaf Winne and Hans-Jürgen Altendorf in the future.
For the time being, Harald Weber will support the sales of LAMTEC OEM customers outside of Germany, including the following countries: Italy, China, and Korea. Harald Weber, together with LAMTEC’s long time Chinese sales partner Rick Shi, make up the management team of our newly established LAMTEC China Ltd. in Hong Kong.

Harald Weber would like to thank all customers, partners, and employees for the long time, successful and supportive cooperation.

The price of success is dedication, hard work and constant commitment for what you want to achieve.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Harald Weber and Ralf Lakatos (in the picture from left to right)


The LAMTEC F300K compact series of flame detectors has been designed with outstanding technical capabilities which enable flames produced in industrial combustion applications to be analysed. The ‘top of the range’ F300K UV/IR-1has both UV & IR sensors which allows simultaneous monitoring of both the ultraviolet and infrared elements of the flame spectrum. Using the F300K with LAMTEC’s Remote Software it is possible to analyse flame characteristics, such as flame intensity and flicker frequency, in real-time. The software can be used to analyse and solve problems in challenging applications such as those in which large volumes of exhaust gas are being recirculated and installations where it is necessary to discriminate one flame from another and flames from background radiation. Special fuels and waste gases can also present difficulties for flame detection. It therefore makes sense to use the F300K as a commissioning and analysis tool. To facilitate the use of the F300K for commissioning purposes, LAMTEC has designed an F300K service and commissioning case that contains everything required to use of the F300K flame detection and evaluation system on any industrial burner application. The case is equipped with the following:

  • A power supply for the F300K
  • An adapter cable to allow an F300K to be temporarily operated on an F200K installation
  • An adapter for easy connection of the bus to the PC
  • A ball joint assembly and various mechanical fittings to allow the F300K scanner to be easily adapted to any existing installation connection
  • Everything required to use the LAMTEC flame analysis PC software

Everything is supplied in a rugged metal carrying case enabling you to get the F300K up and running quickly and easily on a burner.

Application areas of the F300K service and commissioning case

  • Commissioning support - The F300K UV/IR’s high-end flame intensity and frequency analysis capabilities provides the commissioning engineer with detailed information about the quality of the combustion which can be used in burner setup, commissioning and optimisation
  • Test installation - To prove the suitability of the F300K quickly and easily to monitor flames in existing installations with difficult monitoring conditions
  • Flame analysis. To determine the spectral range (IR, UV or a mixture of both) and frequency range of target flames to safely, and reliably, monitor the combustion of multi-fuel burners with special fuels and, in some cases, background radiation
  • Troubleshooting. The recording function of the PC software allows the commissioning engineer to record and analyse sporadic flame changes and flame failure events

The F300K service and commissioning case, in its standard version, is equipped with a F300K UV/IR scanner. This version provides the greatest options and flexibility. Alternatively the case can also be equipped with other F300K versions.

The F300K service and commissioning case (with IR/UV sensor) is available for the package price of €4.789.00 EURO. The price may vary depending on choice of options. This special price represents a saving of approximately 20% compared to the purchase of the individual components and represents an investment that is paid for with the time saved in just a few assignments. The F300K service and commissioning case is a service tool, which should be found in every burner specialist’s commissioning tool kit.

For further questions regarding the F300K service and commissioning case, please contact Mr. Altendorf at altendorf(at) or by telephone +49 (0) 6227 605273.

The Power-Gen Europe in Cologne is the largest technology exposition for power plant operators and energy supplies companies outside the USA.

LAMTEC will present its product portfolio in Hall 8 from 27-29 June 2017, with a focus on flame monitoring, pilot burners, and combustion management systems.
Our qualified personal at the booth will be able to inform our visitors about the technical innovations, quality, and efficiency of our products.
We look forward to your visit.