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May 2018

LAMTEC Newsletter May 2018

LAMTEC News May 2018


LAMTEC has expanded its product range to include fibre optic cables to the accessory list for the F200K & F300K compact flame scanners. It will now be possible to use the F200K & F300K to detect flames where direct sighting is not possible.

The new ‘Fibre Optic system’ is designed for use with LAMTEC F200K & F300K flame scanners in the spectral range from 220 to 1900nm.

LAMTEC fibre optics are designed for use in burner systems with poor flame sighting or high ambient temperatures close to the burner. With permanent cooling of the fibre optics with purge air, the maximum operating temperature on the process side is 350°C. The optical fibre itself is designed for temperatures up to 260°C.

The fibre optics can be selected for the application with two different types of protective housings and in standard lengths from 1m to 10m in 0.5m increments.

Rigid protective housing - FOR (Fibre Optic - Rigid)

  • For use at high temperatures and poor visibility due to the large distances between flame scanner and flame. The entire protective housing consists of a composite of stainless steel tubes and an aluminium bracket.

Flexible protective housing - FOF (Fibre Optic - Flexible)

  • For use at high temperatures or moving installations in the visible range of the flame, as well as burner systems with difficult installation conditions and a large distance between flame monitor and flame. The entire protective housing consists of composite of stainless steel tubes, a flexible protective tube and an aluminium bracket.

When using fibre optics, attenuation refers to the loss of the light signal. The longer the optical fibre, the higher the attenuation. The decisive factor is the intensity with which the light is radiated onto the head of the fibre optic cable. The fact that the fibre optic cable can usually be placed closer to the flame results in advantages for flame monitoring. However, in order to detect the flame reliably even at high attenuation, LAMTEC has added a new UV sensor with higher sensitivity in its range: The UV6.

The UV6 is used with poor flame intensity and/or with very long fibre optics.

Please contact us for further information, prices and delivery times. You can reach our sales department on +49 (0) 6227 6052-88. 


Achema 2018

LAMTEC trade fairs in June 2018
Frankfurt am Main and Vienna 

ACHEMA from 11th-15th June 2018 in Frankfurt - Hall 11.1, Stand A1a

LAMTEC will exhibit at the ACHEMA - World Forum and Leading International Trade Fair for the Process Industry.

Further interesting information about this fair can be found at

Just a few days after the ACHEMA LAMTEC will be exhibiting at:

electrify europe from 19th-21st June 2018 in Vienna - Stand A-A33

electrify europe (until 2017 known as Power-Gen Europe) is the largest technology fair for power plants and energy supply outside the USA and the forum for energy technology and the energy industry in Europe.

More information about this fair can be found at

You will receive a warm and friendly welcome at both fairs. Our team will be happy to discuss with you LAMTEC’s technical innovations, quality product ranges and the benefits LAMTEC products can offer you and your customers.

The areas of focus are:

  • The innovative new Combustion Management System (CMS)
  • Recently introduced LAMTEC ignition Systems
  • New innovations for flame Analysis

Flame Scanner

LAMTEC F200K & F300K flame scanners have been approved for use in hazardous areas under ATEX and IEC Ex for many years. The standards and guidelines for the safety of electrical equipment are different in the USA than here in Europe. It is therefore recommended that internationally active companies have their products certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) when selling into the USA.

As a globally active supplier LAMTEC has certified the F200K m& F330K flame scanners according to the American standard for ‘Hazardous Areas’.

For use in hazardous areas, the flame scanners F200K Ex II, F300K and the external user interface FB30, as well as the power supply unit FN20 for 115 V can be supplied certified as UL Recognized Component Class I, Division 2 (Group A, B, C and D). Please note that this is only possible on request for a transitional period.

If you have any questions, please contact +49 (0) 6227 605288.