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November 2013

LAMTEC Newsletter November 2013

Actuators 20/30/40 Nm Ex-Zone 1

LAMTEC has newly introduced into its product range electrical actuators with 20, 30 or 40 Nm torques certified in accordance with ATEX II2G Ex d IIC T6 Gb. Certification according to IEC Ex is under way. Well-tried and tested LAMTEC technology ensures highest reliability in terms of life span and function. The actuators are also available for offshore conditions, in a stainless steel housing. With the extensive range of accessories, such as coupling, hollow square profile console, ball joint, a positive-locking clamping lever and various volume-regulating butterfly valves in different sizes DN20...DN500, LAMTEC offers you well-tried and tested quality at an attractive price.

Curious? Would you like to convince yourself of the quality of our new
Ex zone 1 actuators? Upon request we will send you detailed product
and order information. Simply send an email to

New butterfly valves with EC type / DVGW certification

Since beginning of 2013 we offer our customers new and technically
improved butterfly valves. Markedly improved they move smoothly,
ensure a better control mode and enable the utilization of smaller and
more economic actuators.
Simultaneously, we have enlarged our product range and do now offer
butterfly valves in stainless steel as well as linearized types.

Order information for our new butterfly valves:

  • 662R23V: Gas valve up to 60°C incl. console, coupling and assembly
  • 662R24V: Stainless steel gas valve up to 60°C incl. console, coupling and assembly
  • 662R25V: Linear gas valve up to 60°C incl. console, coupling and assembly

Further application and temperature ranges are available upon request

LAMTEC Team East Asia continues its success story

LAMTEC East Asia, founded in 2006, and since then steadily on the road
of success and further growth, distributes all LAMTEC products with a
focus on energy savings, reduction of emissions and CO/O2-control.
Engineering, commissioning after-sales services - LAMTEC East Asia
offers everything “out of one hand”. Sales territory includes also South
Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The LAMTEC East Asia Team
team from left to right:

Sales Director:
Mr. Dae-Ho Kim,
Director Mr.Yong-Seon Han,

Ingenieur Mr. Hong-Gi Han,
Ingenieur Mr. Hyeong-Gi Han.



In Poseung Kyeonggido, a steam boiler with 3.5t/h was  successfully fitted with a BT300 with CO-control (LT3 F) for the company Nomgshim. The photo shows Mr Y.S. Han, Managing Director of LAMTEC East Asia with his team during commissioning.

More information is available here: LAMTEC East Asia

Download more informations:
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