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November 2016

LAMTEC Newsletter November 2016

In order to further develop sales in France and French speaking countries, LAMTEC has created a new sales position for the southern part of France. This area is the region under the Mulhouse-Nantes line.

Mr. Patrick Ott, our previous Sales Manager for France and Maghreb, will now be responsible for the region above this Mulhouse-Nantes line.

In keeping with German tradition, LAMTEC places high priority on training and in-house development for its employees, and has offered this new position to Mr. Régis Weil.

Mr. Weil has been with LAMTEC for more than 10 years and has a wealth of experience. He is greatly respected amongst both colleagues and customers alike. Mr. Weil has accepted this new position and its challenges and has been responsible for the southern part of France since September 2016,

Service for France has been taken over by Mr.Yanik Tsachoua, who has been working in the Support Department since January. Should there be any need for clarification or any special questions Mr. Weil is available during this transition period.

Please direct all foreign sales enquiries for French speaking territories to Mr. Weil or Mr. Ott at: commercial.france(at)


For enquiries regarding service within France, please direct them to:


Mr. Ott, Mr. Tsachoua, Mr. Weil

Mr. Ott:                      +33 (0) 621 400593
Mr. Weil:                     +33 (0) 620 867140
Mr. Tsachoua:              +33 (0) 988 999965


For more than 20 years LAMTEC has developed and distributed combustion technology systems. In order to further satisfy existing customer needs and reach new markets the decision was made to add ‘Ignition Systems’ to the product range. During the first phase we will introduce and offer a range of Gas Pilot Burner consisting of the GFI 48, GFI 70 and GFI 89 - Gas Fired Igniter. These 3 types of gas Igniters will cover a heat release from 150 KW (512,000 Btu/h) to 3,000 KW (10 mm Btu/h) The innovative modular design, where burner, spark igniter and flame monitoring components can be selected by the customer provides very flexible design options. The modular design will give customers the ability to configure ignition systems best suited for their applications. In addition, spare parts stock requirements and delivery times will be drastically reduced. All components are easily replaceable without the need for special tools; this reduces downtime to a minimum. Design features:

  • Reduced internal pressure differential due to optimised flow characteristics
  • Immediate and reproducible ignition light-off throughout the full gas pressure range
  • Strong and reliable flame stability
  • Reliable and repeatable flame detection technology
  • Modular construction design
  • Integrated ionization flame monitor available in SIL 2 or SIL 3 design
  • Intermittent or continues operation (based on selected flame monitor) available
  • Offshore condition resistant Aluminum or Stainless Steel enclosure construction available
  • Enclosure rating of up to IP 67
  • Heat release of up to 3,000 KW (10 mm Btu/h)
  • Flame length of up to 2.5 meter (8 feet )
  • Gas Igniter tube length design of up to 15 metre (standard) longer available in special design.
  • Available fuels: Natural gas, LPG, coke oven gas, refinery gas
  • Customer specific designs are available upon request

The LAMTEC Gas Fired Igniter line is designed and manufactured in Germany, meets and exceeds the highest quality requirements Please contact our experienced sales and technical support team with any questions or requirements you may have You can contact our experienced Sales Department on our sales hotline +49 (0) 6227 6052-88 or email us at


We congratulate Mrs Jacqueline Stoll (back office/training organization) on her wedding.
Mrs Jacqueline Hofmann (née Stoll) can be reached via her new email address hofmann(at)

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