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October 2016

LAMTEC Newsletter October 2016

LAMTEC recently exhibited at HEATEC, the leading trade fair in China for innovative combustion technology in Shanghai.In China, energy savings and emission avoidance are of primary importance. Recent legislation requiring lower NOx limit values has led to an increased demand for advanced combustion technology. LAMTEC burner management controllers and CO/O2 analysers enable users to meet these new stringent regulations. As a result there was a great deal of interest in LAMTEC’s product ranges amongst the numerous visitors at HEATEC 2016.

The electronics and housing of F200K were optimised and certified for extended temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C.
However, due to technical restrictions, certain variants of the F200K have a reduced temperature operating range. A summary is shown in the next table.

From 01/10/16 onwards, all standard F200K orders will be delivered with the new hardware version 2.0. In order to verify the temperature range for any F200K please check the serial plate where the temperature range is clearly stated. In addition, all F200K scanners with serial numbers 83103000 onward support the extended temperature range.

F200K temperature range variants

* not for F200K ... Ex ... (see Ex-Approval)
** not for safety times 4 s, 5 s

For further enquiries, please contact Mr. Gargulla.

The International Sales Meeting took place from 26.09.2016 to 28.09.2016 at LAMTEC, Walldorf this year. New partners include

    LAMTEC America – Thomas Kurzawski
    LAMTEC China – Rick Shi
    Sherman International India (P) LTD– Sushant Sharma
    Solutions Engineering Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. – Usman Waheed

We were happy to welcome more than 40 participants from all around the world.

There was a lively exchange of LAMTEC experiences and innovations which gives us confidence that the Company will continue to thrive internationally in the future.

Customers' and business partners' experiences are mostly welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us (info(at)

We are very happy that our sales clerk, Ms. Natalia Buller is back from her parental leave to support us in the sales team.