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October 2019

LAMTEC Newsletter October 2019

LAMTEC expands its product range: O2 measurement LT3 LS2 - the cost-effective alternative to LT2 LS2
For more than 20 years LAMTEC has been developing and selling sensors and systems for combustion technology. Now LAMTEC extends its product range with the oxygen measurement system LT3 LS2. It can be used for all measuring tasks, in hazardous areas (EX) as well as in the high temperature range (HT) in combination with the flue gas bypass tube.
Basis for the oxygen measurement is the proven LS2 Lambda Probe, which can now also be operated with the well-established LT3 Lambda Transmitter. Due to the modularity of the LT3 and the variety of LS2 types, solutions ranging from simple O2 measurement to complex control and monitoring of industrial processes of all kinds can be realised.
In addition, the oxygen measurement can also be connected to the burner and combustion management systems of the LAMTEC product family. Thus you benefit from all integrated functionalities, i.e. from the know-how of one of the leading specialists for control, monitoring and optimisation of combustion plants worldwide.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Robust O2 measurement for a wide range of applications
    • LT3 LS2                       up to 300°C
    • LT3 LS2-HT                 up to 1400°C
    • LT3-Ex  LS2-Ex            ATEX Zone 1
  • Expandable to O2 control with
    • VMS, FMS, CMS         Firing Management Systems
    • ETAMATIC, BT300      Burner Control Systems

 The LS2-Ex is available with IECEx and KTL approval for Korea.
Further details can be found in the system overview (DLT3130).
It is available for download:

Download DLT3130
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A big THANK YOU  to the LAMTEC Leipzig team and their families for participating in the ‘Leipzig Mukolauf’ a charity run for teenagers and adults affected by the rare hereditary disease cystic fibrosis.
Our team managed a tremendous number of almost 200 laps. This results in a generous donation by LAMTEC Leipzig GmbH & Co. to the Mukoviszidose Selbsthilfe Leipzig e.V. (a self-help group for cystic fibrosis patients).

More information can be found at:

Participants (from left to right): Mr. Erdmann and the Rendl family

The principle of the mass flow measurement grid follows the Bernoulian energy equation, which is based on the energy conservation theorem. The total kinetic energy flow (without friction losses) remains constant as the sum of the dynamic and static pressures. The mass flow measurement grid as a so-called differential pressure method records the total pressure and the static pressure from a flowing gas.
The pressure difference or dynamic pressure is a quantity of the flow velocity of the gas. If the tube diameter is known, the volume flow can be determined by root extraction of the measured value.
The great advantage of the mass flow measurement grid - compared with other differential pressure methods - is the positioning of the measurement across the entire tube cross-section. This enables measurement tasks even with an inappropriate flow profile to be carried out. Some inlet sections can be realised with only one D!
In contrast to other integrated transducers (orifice plate, venturi nozzle, etc.), pressure losses through the mass flow measurement grid are very low.
The inlet and outlet lines can be kept considerably shorter when using the mass flow measurement grid.
This offers the advantage to eliminate long air ducts. Even retrofitting existing systems is very simple.
Mass flow measurement grids are suitable for the following applications:

  • Power plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Industrial ventilation

If you are interested in this topic, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide you with advice. Please contact our sales team at vertrieb(at) or by phone +49 (0) 6227 605288.