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August 2013

Novelty F152 – SIL 2 low-cost flame monitoring system

The launch of the newly developed LAMTEC flame Monitoring system F152 with a wide range of accessories in July 2013 received quite positive response from our customers. Flame monitor F152 with the flame scanners of series FFS07 and FFS08 comes in a double channel design and provides dynamic, electronic self-monitoring.

Low-cost flame monitoring for continuous Operation

F152 together with the flame scanners FFS07 and FFS08 has a SIL 2 confirmation and is approved for continuous operation. F152 is designed for cabinet mounting and, together with the flame scanners FFS07 and FFS08, it constitutes a safety device to monitor burner flames without particular selective tasks. Modification to country-specific main frequencies is not necessary as the main frequencies are filtered off frequencybased. F152 has a digital flame frequency evaluation and LED status display as well as a 0-20mA analogue output for displaying the flame intensity.

During development of the new flame scanner generation, compatibility to the predecessor models was an important factor: FFS07 is identical with FFS05 as regards dimensions, whilst FFS08 corresponds to the dimensions of the FFS06.

Flame scanner FFS07 and FFS08 for monitoring Tasks in UV or IR range

According to customers’ requirements, the flame Scanners FFS07 and FFS08 are available with sensors for IR or UV range. The system is suited for monitoring of burner flames without particular selective tasks in single and multi-fuel burners in heating plants and process heating systems run with oil, gas, biomass, dust and process gases.

The new monitoring system F152 offers the well-proven and tested safety our customers are very well entitled to expect from LAMTEC. F152 has all relevant certificates. Flame monitor F152 and the flame scanners FFS07 as well as FFS08 are SIL 2 approved according to IEC61508 part 2. They comply with the standards DIN EN 298 and DIN EN 746-2 for process heating systems. They also fulfill the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EG) and Gas Appliances Directive (2009/142/EG). Flame scanner FFS07 can be applied as explosion-proof equipment for installation in hazardous environments up to Ex zone 2. For the variant FFS07…Ex a certification for Ex-Zone 1 is under way. It can be installed outdoors.

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