Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Training description

Special training event: CMS training in Netherlands in english Language!

Whether it be a standard industrial combustion or complex process application, LAMTEC’s revolutionary CMS Burner Management System sets new standards in control automation. The 2-day Combustion Management System (CMS) training focuses exclusively on this revolutionary burner and plant control system. CMS means “Combustion Made Simple”.

Date: 25.-26.06.2024

Location: Hilversum, Netherlands

Start/End: 08:30am /5:00pm


  • Comparison LAMTEC burner control ETAMATIC/FMS
  • Remote Software
  • Module management
  • IO-Matrix
  • GUI/UI
  • Programming curves
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Analog inputs and outputs
  • Setting parameters

Technical requirement:

  • Laptop with Windows operating system 
  • Administrator rights to install drivers and software required for training
  • possibility to change IP address
  • Programs can be provided in advance, please indicate when registering
  • 2x free USB interface
  • 1 free Ethernet interface (possibly via USB ethernet adapter

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