Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Lambda transmitter LT2

  • Universal O2 measuring
  • Semi- and fully automatic calibration
  • Applicable up to 450 °C
  • Detection of CO/H(COequivalent)
  • Ocontrol integrated

Measuring accuracy
(with Lambda Probe LS2)

+/- 10% of measured value
max. +/-0,3% by vol. O2

Settling time (90% time)

T90 < 15s

Ambient temperature
- Operation
- Transport and storage



Power supply

230 V AC und 115 V AC
+10% / -15%, 48 Hz...62Hz

Power consumption

Typically 50 VA, short-term 150 VA (probe heating-up phase)

Time for operational status
to be achieved with

approx. 10 minutes after "POWER ON"

The LT2 Lambda transmitter is a universal, microprocessor based O2 measuring instrument for the direct measurement of O2 concentration in exhaust gases from oil and gas combustion facilities in the superstoichiometric domain ( λ >1), in conjunction with the LS2 Lambda probe.
Optionally, the KS1D combination probe can be activated to record combustible gas components (CO/H2) - see separate publication. It is possible to set up direct coupling with the compound/firing management system and ETAMATIC. This allows the implementation of an improved control procedure for optimising oil and gas combustion facilities, and for automatic combustion system tuning to variable combustion conditions.

In addition to O2 measurement, the LT2 Lambda transmitter also offers the following functions:

  • Measurement of flue gas and air temperature intake, and calculation of combustion efficiency
  • Detection of unburnt residue (CO/H2), shown as CO equivalent (COe)
  • Calculation and display of CO2 concentration
  • Load-dependent and fuel-specific boundary curves / limit values
  • O2-regulation
  • Combustion chamber pressure regulation
  • Field bus connection

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing

LCD graphic display

Housing heating

Panel installation

Maintenance switches and 2 LED lines with 6 LED's each

Purge unit
(Option to clean pre-filters of probe with pressure air from inside to outsite)

Sheet metal mounting plates

Remote display software

CO/O2 monitoring and control

Pump for reference air

English English

Endcustomer information

LT2-K KS1D-K - Quick Referenz for Endusers  English

LT1/LT2 - Remote-Display-Software  English

LT2-K with LS2-K/LS2-KV - Short Description  English

Technical datasheet

LT2-K KS1D-K - Technical Data  English

LT2 - Technical Data  English

LT2 KS1D - Technical Data  English

LT2-Ex KS1D-Ex - Technical Data  English

LT2-Ex LS2-Ex - Technical data  English


Burner & Combustion: Sensory Combustion Optimisation of Gas Combustion Systems  English

Combustion Optimisation - Product Overview  English

LT2 LS2 - System Overview  English

LT2 LS2 KS1D - System Overview  English

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German German

Endcustomer information

LT2-K mit LS2-K/LS2-KV - Kurzanleitung  German

LT1/LT2 - Remote Display Software  German

LT2-K KS1D-K - Kurzanleitung  German

Technical datasheet

LT2-Ex KS1D-Ex - Technische Daten  German

LT2-Ex LS2-Ex - Technische Daten  German

LT2-K LS2-K - Technische Daten  German

LT2 - Technische Daten  German

LT2 KS1D - Technische Daten  German


Feuerungsoptimierung - Produktübersicht  German

LT2 LS2 - Systemübersicht  German

LT2 LS2 KS1D - Systemübersicht  German

French French

Technical datasheet

LT2 - Caractéristiques techniques  French

Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified)

Endcustomer information

LT2 LS2 - Manual  Chinese (Simplified)

Italian Italian

Endcustomer information

Trasmettitore Lambda LT2 KS1D Sonda combinata KS1D - Guida sintetica per l'utente  Italian

Polish Polish

Endcustomer information

LT2 KS1D-K - Wprowadzenie do działania i konserwacji  Polish

Sterownik Lambda LT2-K Sonda Lambda LS2-K/LS2-KV - Wprowadzenie do działania i konserwacji  Polish

Russian Russian

Endcustomer information

LT2-K LS2-K/LS2-KV - Краткое руководство для пользователя  Russian

Spanish Spanish

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LT2 LS2 - Manual rápido para usuarios  Spanish

Swedish Swedish

Endcustomer information

LT2 LS2 - Snabbanvisning för användare  Swedish

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