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March 2015

LAMTEC at the ISH 2015 - a Great Success

ISH in Frankfurt takes place every two years and it is one of the most important exhibition for LAMTEC.
It offers the best opportunity to present new products and innovation to the audience of interest.
In the last two years, LAMTEC had done a lot in the area of product development so that this year, LAMTEC could be proud to present its almost exclusively new products.

The highlight of the exhibition was the new

CMS Combustion Management System - the next evolutionary phase in combustion management.

Whether if its standard industry combustion or complex process applications, the revolutionary burner and plant control CMS is setting new standards. CMS can easily be adapted to the needs of the plant and be integrated at little or no technical expense.
It is suitable for applications from small industry burners to massive plants.
The CMS is available from 2016 onwards and would be approved by all relevant standards for industry combustion.  This concept had impressed and met a high interest among exhibition visitors.

Flyer: CMS Combustion Management System - Trade Fair Information ISH 2015

Another innovation is the

flame monitoring device F130l.

The F130l is LAMTEC's newly invented safety device for monitoring of pilot or main flames.

The F130l uses the ionisation technology. Therefore, it is possible for optical flame sensor to be connected to the device.
With the F130l, LAMTEC operating companies of industry combustion plants and power plants are providing a reliably working high tech tool.
The flame monitoring device F130l is also particularly suitable for use in the single burner plant.

Product Site F130I



With the VISIOCONTROL VC1000, LAMTEC is offering for the first time a complete system for operating, controlling and regulating a boiler plant.
The operator can have clear instant access to all relevant data and functions by using a touch screen.
The modular design allows the plant manufacturer to tailor VC1000 exactly to the plant requirements.
This can be done by solely using the graphical user interface.
Programming skills is not necessary here.
Through the newly created LAMTEC SYSTEM BUS interface, a direct coupling at LAMTEC Burner Control is possible, omitting the complex field bus coupling.

Flyer: VISIOCONTROL VC1000 - System Overview

Also there are further developments through the proven LAMTEC products. In the flame monitoring range, this concerns the compact flame scanner F300K and the flame monitoring system F152.

Compact Flame Scanner F300K - new with double sensor

The innovative flame scanner for various application areas.
With the new compact flame scanner F300K, LAMTEC operating companies of industry combustion plants and power plants are providing a high-end tool, so that the high requirements of the complex combustion is fulfilled safely, reliably and effectively.
Through the newly innovated double sensor, the flames can be analysed in infrared and ultraviolet spectral range.
Complex monitoring tasks can resolve itself in such way.
In combination with the F300K-Remote-Software, the user receives not only the 'flame yes/no' display but also a detailed frequency and spectral image of the flame.

Flame monitoring device F152 - new in SIL3

The flame monitoring device F152 and the sensor FFS07 and FFS08 are confirmed according to IEC 61508-2 SIL3.
The devices meet the standards DIN EN 298 for gas and oil operations and DIN EN 746-2 for process plants.

Through the new Lambda Transmitter LT3-F and CO/O2 Control, combustion can be more efficient and more environmental friendly. The new failsafe electronic measuring equipment in combination with our burner control system are TÜV type approved and SIL2 confirmed according to DIN EN 615081-7.

The CO/O2 control is the first system, which fulfills all the new requirements of DIN EN 16340.

Flyer: CO/O2 regulation Lambda Transmitter LT3-F - System overview
Flyer: LAMTEC Innovation - Sensor System Lambda Transmitter LT3-F Combination Probe KS1D

Overall the exhibition was very well attended and it was a success for LAMTEC.

We have established many new contacts and have maintained existing contacts.

We would like to thank all visitors for their interest at this point.

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