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March 2013

LAMTEC Newsletter March 2013

The first quarter of 2013 has been a successful one for LAMTEC, products recently introduced into the market such as BT300 or LT3 as well as well-tried and tested LAMTEC quality like the devices of our ETAMATIC family encountered more than positive response from our customers.

ASHRAE Winter Conference Dallas

This positive response clearly showed at ASHRAE Winter Conference 2013 which took place at Dallas/Texas from January 26 to January 30. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), a building technology society assembling all professionals active in heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning industry is the trade meeting-point in the United States, comparable to ISH in Germany. Participation at ASHRAE winter conference together with our new sales partner for the American market, Hays Cleveland (UniControl), to promote introduction of BT300 into the American market was a first for LAMTEC. The expert audience was very interested in LAMTEC devices and we are confident that together with our new sales partner we can get off to a successful start on the American market.

ISH Frankfurt

For many years, ISH Frankfurt which takes place biannually has been a fixed event on the LAMTEC calendar. From March 12 to March 16, LAMTEC displayed novelties at the industry meeting. LAMTEC booth was starting and meeting point for expert discussions and shoptalk with many well-known and also numerous new visitors.
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Especially BT300 which has already been successfully introduced into the market, once again was the focal point of interest. With integrated RPM module of the combustion air fan as well as (optional) CO/O2 controller for control and optimisation of an oil or gas-fired forced-draught burner, BT300 is particularly suited as standard equipment for monoblock burners and thus offers proved LAMTEC quality with TÜV approved safety.

Lambda Transmitter LT3
LAMTEC Lambda Transmitter LT3 is, in combination with LAMTEC Combination Probe, a universal, microprocessor based measuring instrument for direct measurement of O2 concentration and combustible, oxidizing gas constituents (CO/H2) – shown as CO equivalent (COe). LT3 has been specifically designed for application together with the LAMTEC Combustion Management System ETAMATIC and BT300 for optimization of combustion.

Flame monitoring system F152
Also the newly developed flame monitoring system F152 was met with a positive response from the expert audience. It consists of the flame monitor F152 and the flame scanners of series FFS07 or FFS08. F152 is designed for top hat rail mounting and together with the flame scanners it bildet a safety device with SIL 2 confirmation to monitor burner flames without particular selective tasks. More detailed information on this will be available in one of the next issues of our LAMTEC NEWS.

Further LAMTEC product innovations such as GKI and VC1000  clearly show that LAMTEC can successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow by providing state-of-the-art technology. The new graphical customer interface GKI300 is designed for data visualisation of combustion plants, which are equipped with LAMTEC burner control systems. GKI300 is suited for connections with ETAMATIC, ETAMATIC OEM and FMS. GKI300 reads out the burner control system’s configuration during start-up and displays the plant according to this configuration. The connection to GKI300 is set via Ethernet and RJ45 plug to a LAMTEC data module. GKI300 is designed as an alternative device for the customer interface type 663R0935 at ETAMATIC OEM.

For the first time LAMTEC provides a perfect solution for operation, control and regulation of a boiler plant – VISIOCONTROL VC1000. An operator may watch and operate all significant data and functions fast and clearly on a touch-screen monitor. The modular design enables the plant engineer to customize VC1000 to meet exactly the requirements of his plant.

LAMTEC Leipzig Opening and in-house exhibition

Directly after ISH, LAMTEC celebrated the first anniversary of our Leipzig location moving into the new building at Taucha, near Leipzig. We celebrated this event with an attractive cultural programm  and an in-house exhibition together with numerous international and local business partners.

Joint travel directly after ISH on Saturday in a specially rented conference/bistro bus to Weimar offered many an opportunity to continue and deepen discussions begun at ISH, and to start new ones. The evening ended with a festive dinner at Weimar. Sunday at Leipzig was marked by culture and entertainment; lunch on the trails of Goethe at Auerbach’s Keller, sightseeing tour in a vintage double-decker bus and finally a tour through still very wintry Leipzig zoo brought many new impressions. Highlight of this evening undoubtedly was the show and dinner at the zoo’s Kiwara lodge, all under the motto “Africa”.
The following Monday was dedicated to the LAMTEC in-house exhibition and the forum with lectures and presentations on a widely varied topic: From the history of LAMTEC to expert technical presentations on product innovations such as for instance, BT300, LT3, GKI, VC1000 and F300K to aspects of current norm discussions. Also the guided tour through the building was well received by our guests who actively took the opportunity to take a look “behind the scenes”. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors at ISH, all guests from abroad and from Germany celebrating together with us the official opening of our new location Taucha, and particularly all our customers, suppliers and business partners for the kind words and gifts which we received for this special event.

Photos from in-house exhibition here 
Photos from ISH 2013 here

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