Sensors and Systems for combustion technology

Lambda Transmitter LT3

Lambda Transmitter LT3
  • Combined Oand CO/Hmeasuring
  • Measuring directly inside flue gas
  • Applicable up to 1200 °C
  • Independent of infiltrated air (COe)
  • Ex design

Measuring range :

O2: 0-21 % (configurable)
COe: 1ppm in CO range 0...10.000 ppm (configurable)


Sheet steel

Protection type following  DIN 40050

IP66, without display
IP54, with embedded start-up assistant inside front door

Dimensions (HxBxT) mm

300 x 300 x 120


Grey, RAL 7035


appr. 6kg

Ambient temperature

-5 °C ... + 60 °C

Ambient temperature
transport and storage:

-20 °C ... + 70 °C

Power supply:

120 VAC / -30%...230 VAC / +10%, 50...60Hz

Power consumption:

30W (normal operation)
69W (heating)

Resolution O2:

0-21 % (configurable)

Resolution COe:

1 ppm in CO range 0...1000 ppm

Preciseness of measuring:
(with combination probe KS1D)

O2:   ±5% of measurement value 
(max ± 0,3 Vol. % O2)
COe:  ±25% of measurement value
(not better than +/- 20 ppm after prior calibration for application conditions with a CO-reference measuring)

Setting time (60 % time):

O2:   T 60 < 10 s
COe: T 60 < 2 s

Time for readiness
with KS1D (cold start-up)

appr. 10min after „POWER ON“
(Initial start-up appr. 60min)

Analogue output, via analogue output module:

Analogue output  1 (O2 measurement value)
- Range of setting:   0…25 % O2
- Factory setting 0…10 Vol.% O2 -> 4…20 mA
Analogue output 2 (CO-measurement value)
-  Range of setting: 0…1000 ppm
- Factory setting 0…1000 ppm -> 4…20 mA

Digital outputs
via digital output module:


Control element:

Integrated LT3 User Interface with LCD-graphic display 45x27 mm (BxH)
External start-up assistant with LCD-graphic display 60x32 mm (BxH) (Option)


LAMTEC System Bus (LSB)

The Lambda transmitter LT3 in connection with the combination probe KS1D is developed for simultaneous measurement of O2 concentration and oxidizing gas elements (CO/H2), displayed as COequivalent in exhaust gases of combustion plants within hyperstoichiometric ranges (λ > 1).

The display and handling of the LT3 is managed via user interface inside the front door (belongs to standard delivery), with the following functions:

  • Display of O2 and COe measurement values
  • Password entry
  • Informationen about probe and fuel, for warnings and failures, for software versions, CRC and serial number
  • Calibration of measurement
  • Setup (maintenance, filter time, analogue output, probe exchange, display)

Housings and types

Display and operation


Wall mounting housing

Optional user interface inside front-door

Probe installation fitting (PIF)

Start-up assistent in german / english or french language

Gas extraction device (GED)

LSB Remote software for PC

Outside-isolation / Flange blankets

English  English

Endcustomer information

LT3 LS2 - Quick Reference English

Technical datasheet

KS1D without Housing - Technical Data English

KS1D-Ex - Technical Data English

KS1D-HT - Technical Data English

KS1D-K - Technical Data English

Portable Calibration Unit - Technical Data English

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Sensory Combustion Optimisation of Gas Combustion Systems English

Combustion Optimisation - Product Overview English

LT3 LS2 KS1D - System Overview English

LT3-Ex KS1D-Ex - System Overview English


CO-Control - Customer Process Data English

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German  German

Endcustomer information

LT3 LS2 - Kurzanleitung German

Technical datasheet

KS1D ohne Gehäuse - Technische Daten German

KS1D-Ex - Technische Daten German

KS1D-HT - Technische Daten German

KS1D-K - Technische Daten German

Tragbare Abgleicheinheit - Technische Daten German

LT3 - Technische Daten German

LT3-Ex - Technische Daten German


Sensorische Verbrennungsoptimierung von Gasfeuerungsanlagen German

Feuerungsoptimierung - Produktübersicht German

LT3 LS2 KS1D - Systemübersicht German

LT3-Ex KS1D-Ex - Systemübersicht German

French  French

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LT3 LS2 - Instructions sommaires French

Technical datasheet

KS1D en boîtier - Caractéristiques techniques French

KS1D sans boîtier - Caractéristiques techniques French

KS1D-HT - Caractéristiques techniques French

KS1D-K - Caractéristiques techniques French

Unité de calibrage portable - Caractéristiques techniques French

LT3 - Caractéristiques techniques French


LT3 KS1D - Vue d'ensemble du French


La régulation de CO La meilleure alternative à la régulation d'O2 French

Chinese (Simplified)  Chinese (Simplified)


CO/O2 控制 / LT3-F - 系统简介 Chinese (Simplified)

Polish  Polish

Endcustomer information

LT3 LS2 - Instrukcja skrócona dla użytkowników Polish

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